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Music Friday: Flyleaf - “Set Me On Fire”

I was pretty crushed when Lacy announced her departure from Flyleaf because I love this band a ton and it’s especially hard to get on board with bands who swap out their lead singer. This is the first thing I’ve heard with the new singer and I’m surprised by how much I dig it. Maybe there’s hope that this band will still rock? 


#CapsDraft pick Jakub Vrana’s sick shootout goal from today’s #CapsDevCamp scrimmage. 

They keep hyping this kid up and I wasn’t really paying attention until this, but if we can expect this level of stick skill consistently, I’m definitely on board with this move.

…sometimes we hold on to something - a person, a resentment, a regret, an idea of who we are - because we don’t know what to reach for next.
Huntley Fitzpatrick || What I Thought Was True
Baby Face.

Baby Face.

Independence Day 2014 || Best spent on the water with family. 

On Moxie & Meeting Maggie Stiefvater

Today I went to my first book signing, for the author that inspires me the most. It was an awesome day.


P.S. Sorry for the poor photo quality, my camera wasn’t playing nice today.

Such a cool collaboration (Sevenly + Artifact Uprising). Can’t wait to give these away to people.

Such a cool collaboration (Sevenly + Artifact Uprising). Can’t wait to give these away to people.

A decade ago.

A decade ago.

Pool Times at Lollie & Poppy’s

I spent my Saturday at my parents with my nephews and extended family, celebrating summer the way one does - cooking out and swimming. It’s pretty cool seeing the kids enjoy the same pool my sister and I grew up in. I remember us begging my dad for that pool, leaving bribery letters under his pillow until he finally broke. I think it’s safe to say it was a great investment. 

Citizens - “In Tenderness”

I know it’s not Music Friday, but if your Sunday is lacking something, it could be this. <3

Music Friday Song #2: Andy Mineo - “You Can’t Stop Me”

It’s not like I hadn’t heard of Andy Mineo before. I mean, I love KB and they’re part of the same clique, but NGEN Radio finally exposed me to his music since I’ve failed to seek it out on my own and I feel exactly the same way I did after discovering KB. Stunned. Because let’s be real, rap is nothing like it was when I was growing up. Most songs only reach fame because they’ve got a catchy beat, but lyrically they’re terrible. How refreshing to find another artist with actual skill, a legit message to spread, and quality beats. Such a rarity. Without question, I need more. 

Music Friday Song #1: Citizens - “Made Alive”

I never listen to the radio anymore. Mostly because the radio around my way sucks and also because the majority of the music I listen to isn’t exactly mainstream or heard through outlets like the radio. With that being said, I’ve been listening to the radio a lot lately. Sort of. Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5 (formerly) keeps tweeting about NGEN Radio, a Christian Radio Station that you can download an app for or simply stream online, and it spiked my interest enough to check it out. Between the daily dose (bible verse and reflection) and the Christ focused lyrics for most songs, I’m pretty hooked. The upbeat nature of most of the playlist is also doing wonders with my stress and energy level at work, too. It’s a collection of GREAT summer music, in my opinion. They play bands I already know I love, like KB, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Family Force 5, but I’ve discovered some other great artists as a result, too! Which brings me back to this Music Friday post. First up, an indie band with a track full of feel-good lyrics and a peppy beat that’s impossible not to bob your head along to. 

Gideon Turns 3!!

Happiest of Birthdays to my first nephew. It’s hard to believe he’s 3 already. Probably the most fun birthday shoot we’ve done yet! So lucky to be this kids aunt. <3

Music Friday: Closure in Moscow - “Seeds of Gold”

I’ve been sitting on this for a month now, letting it grow on me. It’s not that I don’t like it, in fact I like it quite a lot, but when I think about Closure in Moscow I hear “Here’s to Entropy” or “Vanguard” in my head and this is nothing like that. I know bands evolve with time and I can’t fault them for that, especially when they still sound so amazing, but I also can’t pretend I’m missing the heavier tracks I fell in-love with them for. :/ 

The BEST Brothers EVER. 

The BEST Brothers EVER.